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    Laser Gum Contouring in Cupertino, CA

    Dental office reshapes smiles with modern laser technology!


    When you’ve got a “gummy smile,” people don’t get to see your beautiful, healthy teeth. Instead, they see a smile that’s imbalanced and less-than-pleasing. With laser gum contouring at our Cupertino dental office, we can reshape your gum line and give you the proportionate smile you want.

    Many people who struggle with having a “gummy smile” don’t even realize that there’s a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can fix it. Laser gum contouring uses modern dental technology to change the shape of your gum line. Gums come down too far over your teeth? We can remove excess tissue to show off more of your pearly whites. Crooked gum line? Laser gum contouring from Cupertino Dental and Facial Esthetics in Cupertino can help patients with less-than-shapely gum lines get a more even look.

    Dental lasers make treatments like gum contouring much more comfortable than ever before. Dental lasers use heat and focus to provide precise treatment and promote healing. When a procedure is performed with a dental laser, there is less bleeding, less discomfort, and less complication. And we can better control the focus of our efforts, leading to more successful results!

    Contact our San Jose area dental office to learn more about laser gum contouring and any of our other cosmetic dentistry procedures. Located in Cupertino, CA, we serve Los Gatos, Los Altos, and Saratoga as well. Trust an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry accredited dentist for all your beautiful smile needs.