Root Canal Therapy

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Root Canal Therapy in Cupertino, CA

We want to help smiles stay healthy with endodontic care from Cupertino Dental and Facial Esthetics!

We Can Relieve Your Pain

At Cupertino Dental and Facial Esthetics, we’ll do everything we can to help prevent root canal therapy with regular general dentistry checkups and cleanings. However, if you have an infected, decayed, or abscessed tooth, you may find yourself in need of a root canal. 

You can rely on our highly trained and experienced Cupertino dentists to alleviate your pain and preserve your natural tooth. Keeping your smile whole and healthy is what we’re all about, which is why we offer this vital dental service.

What Is A Root Canal?

When bacteria attack, they eat through the layers of your teeth. Enamel, the hard outer layer, is affected first, followed by the softer dentin layer, then finally to the inner part of your tooth, called the root canal. The root canal is the layer that contains the pulp.

If tooth decay reaches the pulp, or the deepest layer of the tooth, root canal treatment may be necessary to save the tooth. During root canal therapy, we’ll clean out the infected tooth, seal the tooth, and place a dental crown for extra protection.

Signs You May Need Root Canal Therapy

Symptoms of an infected root canal are similar to those of a cavity. However, the pain is likely to be more severe and may include the following symptoms:

  • Severe tooth pain
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
  • Tender or swollen gums
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Tooth discoloration 
  • Tenderness of the lymph nodes

For some, noticeable symptoms of an infected root canal may never develop. That’s why it’s important to schedule regular checkups and contact us immediately if you’re experiencing any chronic tooth pain. We’ll determine the best course of action to help alleviate the pain.

The Root Canal Treatment Process

Before the procedure starts, we’ll apply a local anesthetic to numb the tooth and surrounding tissue to ensure you feel no discomfort. Once your tooth is numb, one of our expert Cupertino dentists will create a small entry point in the crown of the infected tooth. 

We’ll remove the pulp, disinfect the inside of the tooth, and use a rubber-like material called gutta-percha to seal the root canal. A composite resin filling is later placed over the access hole. Then, our Cupertino team will place a natural-looking dental crown over the tooth. This will help ensure additional strength and protection.

The entire procedure typically involves little to no pain and will keep your infected tooth from becoming an even bigger problem. Root canal therapy tends to be less expensive than having the tooth extracted and replaced, which allows us to preserve the natural tooth.

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Root Canal Therapy

Our hope is that with regular general dentistry checkups at Cupertino Dental and Facial Esthetics in Cupertino residents can avoid root canal therapy. However, if you find yourself in need of root canal therapy, it’s good to know you can rely on the same dental office where you receive your other dental care. Without root canal therapy, a tooth infection can lead to tooth loss – keeping your smile whole and healthy is what we’re all about, which is why we offer this vital service.

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If you’re suffering from an infected tooth, visit Cupertino Dental and Facial Esthetics for your complete dental care. Our exceptional Cupertino dentists can treat it with root canal therapy to save your tooth and relieve any pain or discomfort. 

We proudly serve patients from Los Altos, Saratoga, Los Gatos, and surrounding communities. If you have any questions, give us a call at (408) 865-1777 and we’ll explain the root canal procedure to ensure you feel confident. We look forward to providing you with the highest level of care, service, and comfort at our dental office in Cupertino, CA.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Because of the misperceptions about this procedure, patients put off treating a tooth that needs a root canal. This is a mistake. If the pulp is infected, the tissue surrounding the tooth may develop an abscess, a puss-filled pocket that extends up the roots of the tooth. If this happens, infection can spread throughout the body. Plus, the tooth will no longer be able to be saved and will require extraction.

When a tooth is infected it is extremely painful, and this is probably where the myths about root canals started. In reality, a root canal should be no more painful than having a cavity filled. You feel nothing during the actual root canal, thanks to local anesthesia. 

Afterward, you will have some soreness, mainly due to having your mouth open for a period of time. Plus, your surrounding tissues may still be reacting to the infection and need to calm down. If you’re convinced a root canal has to hurt, consider this — the procedure removes all of the infected nerves in the tooth, so the tooth no longer has any sensation.

Your tooth that had the root canal should be pain-free and fully functional. If it is an eye tooth, it may not require a crown. But if a molar was treated, a protective crown is recommended. People think that an empty tooth is destined to fall out eventually, but this is not the case. Teeth only need blood vessels and connective tissue while they are developing in our childhood years. Adult teeth can last the remainder of the patient’s life after having a root canal.

You simply need to provide good home hygiene, brushing twice daily, and flossing regularly. If you take care of the tooth and the surrounding gums, it will endure. Also, be sure to keep up your twice-yearly professional cleanings and exams with Dr. Saghezchi and our Cupertino team. That way we can easily spot if anything changes with your tooth.