We deliver consistent and beautiful results in Fabrication

We have thermoformed thousands of different complex parts while maintaining tight tolerances all our customers demand from us. We have thermoformed anything from prototypes up to thousands of parts. Thermoformed parts are evident in practically every industry, and our custom thermoforming process allows us to be flexible in producing various projects in a short amount of time.

We have the ability to process and form through vacuum forming, pressure forming, drape forming, line bending, and blow forming. We are very experienced in every process with highly efficient engineering processes utilized to meet customer deadlines, provide consistent and uniform parts, and maintain low cost.

Crystal Craft services in thermoforming include:

Material Selection
Enhancements in part geometry
In-House Mold Manufacturing
Model Development
Final Design

Thermoforming Advantage:
Provides precision part detail
Able to achieve tight tolerances
Flexible tooling and engineering can be achieved in prototypes and (low, medium and high) production runs
Cost effective and efficient setup times.

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