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    We are experts at enhancing smiles with our Dental Implant, Accredited Cosmetic Dentist, to perfecting your skin with our Medical Esthetics Providers. From general dentistry, teeth whitening, and porcelain veneers to cosmetic corrections, to all your medical esthetic needs, your smile, skin and face can be the best ever. And, you will feel great about yourself each and every time you smile. At Cupertino Dental and Facial Esthetics, we provide every service your smile needs to look its best.
    There’s a reason so many celebrities and influencers get smile makeovers once they’re in the limelight, and it’s not just to look good for the cameras. As Dr. Khalil Saghezchi notes, a beautiful, healthy smile is the quickest way to anti-age your look. “All of the facial muscles get support from your teeth,” says Dr. Saghezchi. “As we age, we lose dimension of our teeth, which in turn changes the structure of the face, potentially making us appear older than we actually are.” He believes that good oral health that encompasses both form and function can make the biggest difference in the face. “We can really change a patient’s entire appearance and give more structure to their facial muscles just by creating a new smile,” adds the dentist. Today, no one has to keep the smile they were born with. With the latest techniques and advanced materials, Dr. Saghezchi utilizes his skill and expertise to give patients the movie star smiles they’ve always wanted.

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    Renusri ganta Renusri
    Ha ya I'm renusri from india(nalgonda dist.) I'm asking for nose rhynoplasty with serum her explained very well mam tq so much for ur guide 🤗
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    Natasha Burwell
    Dr. Sage has been my dentist for years now and I finally made the leap this past July and got porcelain veneers. Dr. Sage held my hand throughout the whole process. I had already seen his work in regards to veneers so I knew I was in good hands. During our consultation he showed me his whole catalog of porcelain veneers and we discussed everything from size, shape and color. I did ten teeth on top with custom gum lift and chose the brightest white that would suit my skin tone. I loveeeee my smile so much more now and it’s the best money I’ve spent! You are in good hands if you choose Dr. Sage for all of your dental and cosmetic dental needs.
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    L D
    Nicole did such an amazing job on my lips and Botox! Will definitely be coming back!
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    Stephanie L
    Very happy with the laser gum contouring I got done here! The staff were all friendly and professional (especially Lisa!). Dr. Sage did a great job and he worked with me to make sure I was satisfied with the result. I now have the smile I've always wanted!
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    Arash K
    Super friendly staff! They're good at what they do. Always professional and keep a smile on their faces.
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    Ashley David
    I found Cupertino Facial Esthetics when I was looking for a trustworthy place for laser hair removal. I don’t handle pain well and had heard some laser machines are better than I started doing my research and called different places to find out what laser they use. This place uses one of the best machines out there and you can TOTALLY tell. I tried a place years ago for my face and couldn’t handle the pain, so I stopped after 2 sessions. Not only did I do my face here, I have spent the last year lasering my ENTIRE body. BEST DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE! Highly recommend CFE and their amazing staff.

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      120s Saranya C.

      Yelp Stars 5  I highly recommend Dr. Khalil Saghezchi. He did my veeners and I absolutely LOVE IT! He's very patient and wants you to be happy, will do things without extra pay... Read more

      120s Mimi T.

      Yelp Stars 5  I wish I could give them so many more stars because this office is truly top notch! Not only are they so knowledgeable but they take perfectionism and professionalism to... Read more

      120s Farinaz T.
    • Yelp Stars 5  By far the best facial and skin care experience I have had. I am a member of their monthly rewards club, so im a regular. I have a very particular... Read more

      120s Chanson P.

      Yelp Stars 5  I have been going to Eric for facials monthly for a while now! Sad I had to move away but he always gave the best service and is very knowledgeable... Read more

      User 60 Square Megan L.

      Yelp Stars 5  This place is amazing! It has a fun yet professional atmosphere and all the staff is so friendly! I've gotten a hydra facial with Eric and he did a great... Read more

      User 60 Square Moriah T.

    Sohail Saghezchi, MD, D.D.S.

    Always there to care.

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      Customer Reviews


      My daughter can’t stop smiling! Neither can I! Dr. Sage created porcelain veneers for her teeth. INCREDIBLE difference in her appearance! We are SO GRATEFUL for his expertise. I know these BEAUTIFUL new teeth will give her the confidence she needs to choose an exciting, productive life. I’m reminded of the Louie Armstrong song, “When you’re smiling, when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you.” THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Dr. Sage!

      Joan L.

      Thank you Dr. Sage!

      Dashed Line

      This review is on behalf of Barbara Magierowska. Dr. Sage is a wonderful person that is extremely honest and does an amazing job. Their office is comfortable and welcoming; the entire staff is friendly and extremely knowledge. I would highly recommend Dr. Sage and his team for any dental work that you need. Dr. Sage is a perfectionist and will work his hardest until you are happy and until he is happy with his work; extremely precise! I’ve visited many dentist’s and never have encountered such a heartwarming dentist before. L.S. First off I would like to say this place is amazing! Right away you are greeted with such a friendly staff and taken care of immediately. I recently got a hydro facial for the first time with Alicia, who’s such an angel. She walked me through the process and made me feel well pampered. I never knew my skin could feel this amazing, It was literally glowing! The best part is, you get to see all the stuff that comes out of your face at the end. So gratifying! When I was finished, the owner Sahar, who is also super friendly and sweet, had asked how everything went to make sure I was well taken care of. I will definitely be making the Hydro facial a monthly ritual for my skin! S.P. I got my Veneers from Dr Sage (Khalil Saghezchi) and they seem pretty perfect! I was really impressed with his work and his whole staff. They were very professional. Dr Sage really seemed to work some magic. He seems very skilled and all the staff there were really nice and helpful. Veneers can cost a bit, but since they can last you for your whole life if done right I personally think its worth it to have them done by a really skilled professional. And I think Dr Sage is that. So I’m really happy with my Veneers, and I’d definitely recommend Dr Sage for top notch Veneers or dental work.

      Kasia M.

      Thank you!